We’re Back!

Yes, we are back. Who are we? Where were we before? Well, I can’t tell you that. The truth is that our old site was private and got attacked by people who didn’t appreciate us poking into their business so they hit us hard. In order to avoid the notice of people who might not like light being shone on their activities we have set up a new completely different site and are making it public.

Why are we charging to participate in discussion of articles? First, properly securing this site requires money. Part of your subscription will be going to make sure that we stay online and that people leave you and people giving us material alone. Second, researching the kinds of topics we think will appeal to you isn’t cheap so part of your payment is going to that. Third, we considered taking ads. In this day and age of tech giants silencing free speech we want to remain as indendent as possible. If we are beholden to big tech or any other sources of income we run the risk of being part or wholly owned by entities other than you. Every day we see people building a large following only to piss off the wrong person or group and have their means of supporting that content cut off by random bureaucrats.  Charging this small monthly fee means we maintain our independence and stay beholding to you our community. When I first wrote this I didn’t have any idea of how far big tech would go to silent voices that disagree with them, now we do.

You’re thinking there isn’t much here. Well, that’s because we need to start all over. If we publish anything from the old site the people that want to shut us down can easily find and attack us again. We also need to demonstrate to our sources that they will not be tracked and harassed by the people or organizations we investigate. Bringing you new and interesting articles takes time and money.

So why should we subscribe if there isn’t anything here? That’s a good question. The fact is that the original site was more a community forum than it was a blog pontificating and telling you how to think. It was a group of individuals who were tired of people rolling their eyes when they talked about topics that aren’t main stream thinking. Our goal is to create a community where ideas and research can be presented without worrying about being labeled a nut. Does this mean we won’t discuss topics vigorously? Of course not. We want to hear your thoughts and observations, if there are flaws or others have contrary observations we will point them out, but we’ll always take your point of view seriously. We want you to be part of that. We feel the interaction of this community is the real value of this site and at $4.20 a month it’s an exceptional value.

There are Facebook groups covering these things for free. First, they are subject to fb rules, we are not. We will not give bogus fact-checks by nobodies that don’t allow any kind of discussion; we’ll always allow you to discuss any facts. There are very few and well defined things that can get you banned here, fb will ban you for anything they like without explanation or recourse. I am the final word on any bans and will explain my decision. I will allow you to plead your case. Second, if you think fb is a free benign service you really need to be part of this community and learn how invasive fb actually is. We don’t track you or everything you do on the internet. They do. Come here and be the customer and stop being the product. We charge you upfront they sell your information to anyone they want; we never sell your information, we don’t want it! We want your contributions to our community, that’s all, well, and $4.20 a month. In today’s environment of suspicion and rancor we offer a community that encourages constructive debate.

So if that sounds like the kind of community you want to be part of please become a subscriber, nothing can happen without a subscriber base and those who get in early will be able to have the largest impact on where we go early on. I look forward to getting to know you.



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