UFOs and Pandemics


Among the failings of mainstream media and science during this coronavirus crisis, one stands out above the rest.  The real origin of this pandemic, like that of earlier ones, has not even been mentioned.  Considering that many past plagues and pandemics had this trait in common, the failure of media and science to discuss it is reprehensible and dangerous.

Throughout history, there have been sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects at or near the epicenter of plagues and pandemics.  That is as true of the current coronavirus pandemic as some of the most famous historical ones.  At the very start of the coronavirus outbreak UFOs were recorded over Wuhan, China.  Here is one such example:


There is also coverage of a UFO over London as the pandemic spread there:


There are representations of UFOs during plagues throughout history.


During the Justinian Plague of 542-544, there were numerous reports of objects preceding the arrival of the plague throughout the Byzantine Empire.

The first great plague pandemic to be reliably reported occurred during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian I in the 6th century ce. According to the historian Procopius and others, the outbreak began in Egypt and moved along maritime trade routes, striking Constantinople in 542. There it killed residents by the tens of thousands, the dead falling so quickly that authorities had trouble disposing of them. Judging by descriptions of the symptoms and mode of transmission of the disease, it is likely that all forms of plague were present. Over the next half-century, the pandemic spread westward to port cities of the Mediterranean and eastward into Persia. Christian writers such as John of Ephesus ascribed the plague to the wrath of God against a sinful world, but modern researchers conclude that it was spread by domestic rats, which traveled in seagoing vessels and proliferated in the crowded, unhygienic cities of the era.

During the Black Death in Europe, 1346-1350, during which nearly half (or more) the people in Europe died there were countless reports of UFOs preceding the arrival of the plague or monitoring its progress from above.  This was so common that there are a number of medieval paintings which depict UFOs during the Plague.

And from 1350

UFO reports were also common during pandemics of the Renaissance and early modern eras, as were depictions of them:

During both the mysterious Sweating Sickness of the mid-16th century, and the Great London Plague a century later UFOs were reported.



Great London Plague 1665


In all of these events, and more UFOs were reported in and around the pandemic locations.  Why won’t the government and scientists admit this fact?  This is not to say that UFOs or aliens caused this pandemic, only that they were near the site of pandemics many times in history.  Did they cause them, or were they merely observing?










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