Black Eyed Children

We had a scary experience a few nights ago, and wonder whether anyone else has had this same experience. It started when the doorbell rang shortly before dusk. Two little girls, aged 8 or 9, were going around the neighborhood trying to sell cooked hamburger patties and brats from a Ziploc bag. That’s not the scary part. These same two little girls have come by twice before trying to sell the same things. They seem rather clueless—they didn’t even give a price for the food. I don’t know why they were selling them. The girls just said that “mommy told us to go out and do this.” As before, we didn’t buy anything from them.

A couple of minutes after they left things got weird. The bell rang again. I assumed that it was the girls trying again to sell their food, and I was going to tell them to go home because it was getting dark. Instead, there was an older child standing there. He didn’t say anything but I sensed that he wanted to be invited in. The weirdest thing was that his eyes were all black. Not regular eyes with the white part and the colored iris, but all completely black. Two more older children were on the sidewalk, just standing there, and their eyes were all black as well.

The boy at the door never said a word, just stared at me with the black eyes. He seemed to be communicating telepathically, and he wanted to enter our house. I don’t know why he wanted to come in, but in my mind I felt uneasy, especially as the boy’s thoughts got more intense and urgent. I was scared. I couldn’t move. I was just frozen at the door with this boy staring right at, or into, me. As I slowly opened the door, my wife shouted at me “what are you doing?” That broke the spell enough for me, and I quickly slammed the door shut. I looked out the door window, and the boy, and his companions on the sidewalk, were gone. I opened the door to see where they were, and they had vanished. They were not in our yard, on the sidewalk, in the street or in the park across the street.

This was very creepy, especially as I look back and realize that I seemed to be obeying the boy’s mental command to let him into the house. I don’t know what he would have done once inside, but I still have this sense of foreboding that I can’t seem to shake.

I looked online for black-eyed children and have come across sites claiming they don’t exist, that they are an urban legend. Websites like Snopes have debunked the black-eyed children.

Black-Eyed Children

I can tell you that they are not an urban legend. They are real, and my wife and I encountered them. We are both afraid, dreading the possibility that they will come back. Other sites contain reports of encounters with black-eyed children, and they seem similar to our encounter.

16 Terrifying Encounters With ‘The Black Eyed Kids’

Has anyone else had an encounter with the black-eyed children? Have they ever come back a few days or weeks later? What should we do if they do come back? Please post your experience and suggestions. We would appreciate any ideas and support from others who have met these terrifying black-eyed children.

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