Impossible Whopper, Tasty Treat or Globalist Tool

I was watching TV and saw the commercial for the Impossible Whopper and wondered why the heck you’d go to so much effort to make plant based food taste like meat? I really didn’t think much of it till days later I found out that the IW has 18 million times the  estrogen levels of a standard Whopper. Ok, so let’s break it down.

  • Regular Whoppers have animal estrogen as opposed to IWs phytoestrogen which isn’t as potent.
  • IWs have significant levels of phytoestrogen which have been shown to reduce menopausal symptoms in women.

To me, these suggest that while men aren’t going to be growing double D breasts anytime soon it’s still a big hit of phytoestrogen if you eat these things with any regularity. So let’s see what the mainstream science has to say. I found this interesting article in The Washington Post. I want you to notice several things:

  • They never mention that the soy in the IW is a GMO.
  • The expert source says lots of cultures have used soy protein for centuries without negative effects. Was that this form of GMO soy?
  • They say that the use of soy products in baby formula is showing problems in both male and female infants. What are the long term effects?
  • The expert also states that studies are divided on soy’s benefits and should be consumed in moderation. Which is it? Basically he says he doesn’t know anything definitively, but it’s safe based on anecdotal evidence of other cultures use of it. Are there any other cultural influences that would make it safer?
  • Are cultures using greater amounts of soy protien really as unaffected as they claim?

So, let’s get to it. No, they weren’t using GMO soy so everything he talks about in terms of effects of soy in other cultures over the centuries is speculative at best. The fact that infants are reacting adversely to soy products is troubling, they are the proverbial canary in the coal mine and we should pay attention to this data.

I’d argue that there have been cultural impacts as cultures rely more on soy protein. We have the Mongol horde creating a massive empire through brutal and decisive warfare while they are nomadic and livestock based. The needs of such a huge empire create the need the more nutritionally dense methods of more agrarian civilizations such as the Chinese who had been using soy since at least the first century bc. Is it a coincidence that the generations after the great Ghengis Khan are less brutal? Is it aculteration or diet?

Look at current examples. The beduin based cultures create warriors of insane bravery, they aren’t eating Impossible Whoppers. Look at the Muhajadeen in Afganistan. They held off the Russian army at their peak and the remnants of that organization still make things hard on the most powerful army the USA has evey  assembled. They aren’t eating Impossible Whoppers and are nomadic/livestock based.

On the other side of it look at the cultures that are heavily soy based. Korea, North and South, China and Japan all very compliant to authority and smaller in stature. Read, easier to control.

It’s my contention that phytoestrogens in our diet are negatively impacting testosterone production in modern males and the Impossible Whopper is just the latest example of that trend. Is it a conspiracy? I don’t know but let’s take a look and you decide.

Today’s society eschews traditional masculine values and behaviors by referring to them as toxic, we all have to avoid toxic masculinity. What is considered toxic masculinity varies some, but for the most part aggression, risk taking, ambition and tendency to make everything a competition.

Today’s boys are consistently punished, abused and finally drugged if they so much as point a finger gun at a classmate. The education system promotes typically feminine values, rule following and being able to sit still and focus for longer periods than typical boys. Little boys are naturally full of energy and constantly wanting to run around and get into things. This is not to say that this isn’t true of girls, but those behaviors tend to moderate as they move towards puberty whereas boys tend to increase the testoserone driven behaviors of classic masculinity as they approach puberty; this is what we refer to as the dumbass stage of development in boys and if there are no strong positive male role models moderating this behavior with the occasional smack upside the head followed by the exhortation to stop being such a dumbass that behavior will indeed become toxic. When properly moderated and channeled these traits are what created civilization as we know it. It has also led to some of the greatest revolutions history has to offer and this is the central issue. They are also the most feared by those who wish control us, just ask the late Tzar Nicholas II.

Courage and competition are masculine traits that made people cross seas and continents to found great empires. Can these traits lead to atrocities, of course, but without them we’d be squatting in the mud somewhere in Africa flinging crap at each other. People who wish to order people around do not like overly ambitious and courageous people with new ideas and a thirst for innovation because they threaten the kinds of static systems they need to keep tight control of others.

Projects like Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 rely on compliant people in ordered communities and they have looked to thousands of years of history and science and have concluded that isolated agrarian vegetarian communities would be the easiest to control.





3 thoughts on “Impossible Whopper, Tasty Treat or Globalist Tool

    • TheJerkInCharge

      I have seen that. The push for a vegan diet by Drs. and environmentalists is interesting. You might say, “well eating more vegetables isn’t a bad idea”, the problem is that the main protein sources are extremely high in phytoestrogen.

  1. Grimbjorn

    One thing people need to realize is that even if you avoid these fake meat products you’re still exposed to phytoestrogen through the meat you eat because a huge part of the diet of meat animals is plant proteins high in phytoestrogen and related products.

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