Impossible Whopper, Tasty Treat or Globalist Tool

I was watching TV and saw the commercial for the Impossible Whopper and wondered why the heck you'd go to…

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3 thoughts on “Impossible Whopper, Tasty Treat or Globalist Tool

  1. Grimbjorn

    Have you seen the increasing market penetration of the Beyond Meat product line, I’ve seen it a walmart and meijers.

    • TheJerkInCharge

      I have seen that. The push for a vegan diet by Drs. and environmentalists is interesting. You might say, “well eating more vegetables isn’t a bad idea”, the problem is that the main protein sources are extremely high in phytoestrogen.

  2. Grimbjorn

    One thing people need to realize is that even if you avoid these fake meat products you’re still exposed to phytoestrogen through the meat you eat because a huge part of the diet of meat animals is plant proteins high in phytoestrogen and related products.

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