Are We The Genesis of The Borg

We watch the powers that be in order to avoid being sucked up in their plots to enslave us. We turn over the rocks to find the slimy scum and expose it to the light. I like to think we are the independent voices that keep tyranny at bay. What if we’re already slaves to technology and don’t know it? What if we’re the Borg?

Three stories have crossed my path in the last couple months that have forced me to accept the conclusion we are the last independent humans to likely exist. This sounds hyperbolic! I agree, it does, but I don’t come to this conclusion lightly and hope like crazy you can talk me down so please comment if you can see flaws in my reasoning.

The first story comes from Forbes in a now deleted article on NASA’s website announcing a breakthrough with Google in quantum computing. They may be capable of solving specific large number problems that would take current computers ten thousand years in twenty minutes. Granted the article points out that the very specific problem being solved isn’t really practical, but the breakthrough opens the door to vast potential in computational efficiency.

The second story really doesn’t come from anywhere specifically. The development of 5G networks creates a vast potential for data exchange. So, if 4G were a garden hose than 5G would be like the Lincoln Tunnel in New York in terms of its ability to carry water. Now it’s more complicated than that and here’s a good explanation of that difference.

The third story comes from and announces Elon Musks advances in implantation of direct cortical interfaces in the brain. Musks contention has always been that humans will be ants to super intelligent AI and in order to combat our eventual enslavement we need to upgrade our abilities.

Here’s my contention. Enslavement of a population requires vast numbers of informants and enforcers. People don’t generally bow down to dictators for no reason. These systems usually collapse as a result of the corrupt system becoming apparent as rampant dissatisfaction becomes impossible to quell. Enslavement is not an efficient system; slave labor will do the absolute minimum to get by and you never get the full potential of individual innovation, but the new paradigm challenges that.

Implanted cortical interfaces will eventually be able to monitor every aspect of your brains activity. Initially, results will be uploaded to your health care provider to help diagnose and treat a vast number of chronic conditions. 5G will facilitate this exchange and quantum computers will be able to process the enormous amount of data in real time. It isn’t a big stretch to imagine those implants being able to stimulate brain functions in order to treat these conditions. Imagine the value to type 2 diabetics, the implants detect excess blood sugar levels it determines that more insulin is needed and pokes the area of the brain responsible for pancreatic control. Or, even better, the quantum computer finds the reason for the insulin resistance that is causing the problem and works out a way to have the brain produce hormones to combat it. This alone would make such implants invaluable, but it’s no stretch to use this to locate missing persons. How many parents are going to have these implanted in their children at birth? They would be able to assess the mental state of their child instantly and fix any problem from a wet diaper to serious health issues requiring immediate treatment. Infant mortality would drop to near zero, kids could play outside with far less supervision. We are already working on computers that can analyze brain waves and read mental state, are you mad, are you happy? Now we know. The end game with these researchers is to read minds. This has the benefit of being able to communicate instantly with anyone you can think of in real time. Imagine communicating with anyone worldwide with a thought and doing so in a ways that are far more comprehensive than we currently can; think technological telepathy. Text and online communication is fraught with miscommunication, we all have been the victim of misunderstanding of a poorly written or read post, now you get all the context and feeling with a thought. We can well imagine using a mental finger print to pay bills and interact with banking in a near theft proof system that will eventually be the only way to do business; we’re already working towards a cashless society. Social credit systems are already in use in China that requires a vast network of cameras and operatives; this technology would make it far more effective and require far fewer resources.

So now you have an implant that communicates in real time with a quantum computer and is capable of tracking you, reading your mind and impacting your hormone production. If we implement a simple algorithm that detects “right thinking” and has the implant increase endorphin production and punish “wrong thinking” with a corresponding decrease in these happy hormones we see a subtle almost undetectable method for nudging people to follow whatever social norms those controlling the software deem valuable. Thinking bad thoughts about the ruling elites? Find yourself spiraling into depression eventually ending in either your capitulation or suicide; think happy thoughts about the ruling class and you have endless contentment and joy. These systems would be nearly impossible to detect or combat.

So I know what you’re thinking, “you can’t force me to get one of those things”. Well, do you get a wellness exam for your employer provided healthcare? Maybe not, but most people do.  They just need to make it as difficult as possible to live without it. Banking is going to be the biggest factor. I can go without healthcare and live pretty well, but I need to be able to exchange goods and services in order to live and if the only option is to get an implant so I can access the electronic banking system it’s going to be nearly impossible to avoid it and once that thing is in your head you won’t be able to tell the extent to which it is impacting you. They don’t need 100% compliance. The advantages of these implants is going to be enormous. The healthcare benefits alone will be huge. Cancer cured, heart disease nonexistant. Instant diagnosis before there are even symptoms. Instant communication and access to vast amounts of information will be invaluable. Those who don’t get them will not be able to compete and will die out. Children born in hospitals will automatically be implanted and eventually those who resist will be a small minority who will be incapable of keeping up with the rest of humanity and will either die out or become a sideshow like colonial Williamsburg. We will march in lockstep whether we like it or not and those that control the algorithms will rule over us, or will they? The problem with a system like this is that it’s impossible to monitor everything in real time, it’s the reason for the system, and we’ve seen AI systems evolve in unpredictable ways very quickly two examples.

The first is from Facebook(Facebook AI Research) an article explaining an experiment in computer learning where they wanted to teach the computer about negotiation. The press touted this as AI going out of control because the computers quickly started speaking a language that was unrecognizable to the researchers so they shut it down. The article points out that it was more an example of the computers not understanding English and using words based on their understanding of the parameters. If saying a word once gets a positive result saying it 40 times should make it even better and since there was no input by someone or something correcting the assumption it got out of control. The author here concludes that it’s not an AI issue, but is a programming issue. I agree. The second involves Microsoft’s Tay. Here we see an conversational AI programmed to interact with people on twitter and learn from those conversations. Sadly, the troll heavy world of Twitter saw it as an opportunity to have some fun at Microsoft’s expense and proceeded to turn the burgeoning AI into a racist. Many cited this as an example of how jerky we are as people, but I see it as programmers inability to anticipate bad behavior and work on ways to curtail it. Again, programming oversight. I bring these up not to pillory these programmers, but to give you obvious examples of how when programmers let AI evolve without input by those who thoroughly understand the intent of the creators of the AI it will spin out of control rather quickly. Programmers can’t anticipate every contingency and haven’t figured out an algorithm for the AI to sense when it’s going off the rails without severely limiting its ability to creatively solve problems and these are relatively simple tasks the problem gets exponentially worse as the complexity of the systems increases. Plus we have to include input from criminal and tactical AI systems working out ways to interact with each other. Why is this important?

My contention is that world leaders will attempt to use AI to enforce their idea of correct thinking by monitoring trillions of thoughts per second and causing either feelings of happiness or despair. I also contend that AI systems will be used to perfect healthcare outcomes, as much as possible, by interacting with vast amounts of data and coming to decisions on how to treat issues and when to do it. We will also be expecting these systems to look at data from angles we hadn’t as with cancer and diabetes diagnoses the AI will be able to run billions of different scenarios and find commonalities rather quickly and likely determine treatments we never would have come up with. A system running that quickly through that much data would be impossible to monitor in any meaningful way by the people running it and by the time those people realized what the AI was doing it would be way too late.

So, a system like this could easily find a way to utilize the two way stream of information to use human minds as part of its computational systems. Far fetched? Maybe, but that synergy would impact both sides in unpredictable ways and increase the computational power of the system exponentially. How is this AI going to determine what the correct state of mind is? At best those in charge can only vaguely define what they want and will need to let that AI make lots of choices without input and that AI would have to rely on the input of those it’s set to control and care for at the same time. What will be the roll of our strengths and weaknesses? Will the system see self loathing and depression as a normal state or optimism? Clearly those in charge will want to control this process but the complexity will be beyond human control and the system is going to play out as it will. Lastly, with the advent of more and more AI systems running more and more of the mundane aspects of our lives how are they going to interact?

Here’s my conclusion. AI is here and it’s here to stay. AI will act in ways we cannot even begin to predict. In order to preserve ourselves as actors going forward we will need to be an integral part of the system. So, even though it means being enslaved by our elites for a time I’d say go for it. Have the implants. The health benefits will be worth it and if we resist our thoughts won’t be part of the AI’s collective idea of what is humanity. We rebel by not rebelling openly and allowing our ideas to be part of the collective AI. This system will eventually become a different entity/lifeform and as implants become the norm for failing physical systems we become the genesis of the organic/machine race we call the Borg.

Aquatic Ape Theory

I was watching a show about supposedly “mythical” creatures that people have actually seen and interacted with, and they mentioned one I hadn’t heard before.  The Ningen, a human-like sea creature that lives near Antarctica.  There have been many sightings and reports of the Ningen going back to the so-called “discovery of Antarctica.”  I say so-called because Antarctica appeared on maps as early as 1519 (without ice!), and there have been so many accounts of strange beings and lights and craft around Antarctica or in the Southern Ocean that to think it was first seen by any human in the early nineteenth century is ridiculous.

Additionally, there have been accounts of strange beings in the sea for millennia.  There are weird fish-beings painted on caves by prehistoric people.  The Greeks have all sorts of mysterious or mythical creatures that may be based on reality. The Vikings had their own sea-creature.  Christopher Columbus, in addition to reporting lights in the water near him, which then came out of the water and flew away, also reported sea-beings.  Accounts of mermaids and mermen are numerous in sea-faring history.  Pretty much every culture that had a significant presence in the sea or ocean has reports and stories of human-like sea-beings.

The human-like part about the Ningen got me thinking.  Could the Ningen (and other sea-creatures) be related to humans in some way?  Given the many stories about Ningen and the other creatures there must certainly be some truth in all the sitings.  I came across the Aquatic Ape theory, which states that at some point in the distant past, there was a human-like ape that lived in the water.  Could the Ningen (and maybe other sea-creatures) be a living member of that species?  That despite all of our technology these human-like sea relatives have survived and gone mostly unnoticed?  Certainly there are places on earth that are largely unexplored, and there are many such places in the oceans.  So it seems logical that these creatures exist.

There are many books and articles on the Aquatic Ape theory.  One of the better short explanations of this theory can be found in Frank Joseph’s book “Before Atlantis: Twenty Million Years of Human and Pre-Human Cultures.”  The Aquatic Ape theory as a scholarly endeavor dates back to at least the 3rd century BCE, when a Greek scientist named Anaximander first put forth that humans evolved from sea creatures. In the early twentieth century scientists such as Alister Clavering Hardy, Max Westernhöfer and Frederic Wood Jones all advanced ideas about humans evolving from something that lived in the water.

Frank Joseph calls this creature Homo Aquaticus and points to the many similarities between humans and sea mammals.  Breath control, little body hair, similarities between human arms and legs and fins of dolphins, even mating habits, are among the similarities he cites.  There is also an intriguing documentary about this subject called “Mermaids: The Body Found.”  Some have called this documentary a fake or a hoax, but even if it is (and I don’t think so) the theories in this documentary cannot be dismissed in the light of Joseph and other scientists’ arguments.  The documentary puts forth a timeline for the Aquatic Apes up to the present day, showing how they have evolved along with humans on land.

This brings up an important question.  Are elements of the American government aware of these creatures?  Intelligent sea-beings could be quite useful to the US military, although most accounts of these creatures suggest that they are peaceful except when directly threatened.  Could the US be exploiting the Ningen and/or other sea-beings for military purposes or sheer profit?  Do other governments know of or even exploit these sentient beings?  What will it take for this information to be disclosed to the public, given that official evidence of UFOs and alien contact remain highly secret?  These creatures have a right to be left in peace and not be exploited simply because we (the humans) can. We should have a higher standard and demand the truth about the Ningen and others so that they may be protected and allowed to live without human interference and exploitation.

Nazi Moon Base

Given all the hoopla and propaganda surrounding the Apollo 11 moon landing, it is time to set the record straight about people landing on the moon. The United States was not the first country to land people on the moon. That was accomplished in 1942 by Nazi Germany. 1 But the Nazis didn’t just send people to the moon to plant their flag, although they did plenty of that, they sent them there to live and work. Ever since their first day of landing on the Moon, the Germans started boring -and tunneling under the surface, and by the end of the war there was a small Nazi research base on the Moon.2
The Germans discovered anti-gravity field propulsion after recovering a UFO that crashed in the Black Forest in 1936. By 1942 they had working anti-gravity ships in several main types. 3 Using their Miesthe ship they sent a small force to land on the moon and start building a base. Although the Nazis lost the war on earth (except in Antarctica), the moon base was never conquered and continued functioning to this day. There are currently 40,000 people living on the moon in the Nazi moon base and the city that has grown around and underneath it.4
When the US did finally send people to the moon, in 1957, it was a cooperative effort with the Soviet Union. The plan was to build a joint US-Soviet moon base, but that was given up when scientists realized how extensive the Nazi moon base was. On their first night on the moon, the US and Soviet personnel were guests of the Nazis in their moon base. The Space Race (on both sides) was a hoax, an attempt (successful) to divert people’s attention away from cooperating with the Nazis and their alien allies.
Today the Nazi moon base is a part of a larger human presence in space. As Gary McKinnon proved by his discovery of a NASA list of non-terrestrial officers aboard ships, there is a significant human presence in space right now.5 But NASA and the US and other governments are afraid to admit to any of this. So the history and current status of our presence in space is hidden, covered by nonsense like the 50th anniversary of the “first” moon landing.
When you read new treatments of this subject it is amazing that these facts are still ignored by the mainstream media and unknown by the general public. There is so much information out there it is stunning. The newest treatment of this subject, Len Kasten’s “Dark Fleet: The Secret Nazi Space Program and the Battle for the Solar System,” published in March 2020, is well-researched and full of shocking information about the secret space fleet, humanity’s unknown allies or masters, the stunning amount of money and outright duplicity spent on the secret fleet, and the frightening danger our planet is in.6 1 Robert Rouse, President of the American Academy of Dissident Sciences, “HALF A CENTURY OF THE GERMAN MOON BASE”,, August 24, 1993, August 22, 2011, CL)
2 Rouse in 93
3 Henry Stevens, historian and researcher, Hitler’s Flying Saucers (Kempton; Adventures Unlimited Press) 2012
4 Rouse in 93
5 NASA Hacker Discovers List of Non-Terrestrial Officers & UFOs,
6 Len Kasten, Dark Fleet: The Secret Nazi Space Program and the Battle for the Solar System (Rochester: Bear and Company) 2020

Black Eyed Children

We had a scary experience a few nights ago, and wonder whether anyone else has had this same experience. It started when the doorbell rang shortly before dusk. Two little girls, aged 8 or 9, were going around the neighborhood trying to sell cooked hamburger patties and brats from a Ziploc bag. That’s not the scary part. These same two little girls have come by twice before trying to sell the same things. They seem rather clueless—they didn’t even give a price for the food. I don’t know why they were selling them. The girls just said that “mommy told us to go out and do this.” As before, we didn’t buy anything from them.

A couple of minutes after they left things got weird. The bell rang again. I assumed that it was the girls trying again to sell their food, and I was going to tell them to go home because it was getting dark. Instead, there was an older child standing there. He didn’t say anything but I sensed that he wanted to be invited in. The weirdest thing was that his eyes were all black. Not regular eyes with the white part and the colored iris, but all completely black. Two more older children were on the sidewalk, just standing there, and their eyes were all black as well.

The boy at the door never said a word, just stared at me with the black eyes. He seemed to be communicating telepathically, and he wanted to enter our house. I don’t know why he wanted to come in, but in my mind I felt uneasy, especially as the boy’s thoughts got more intense and urgent. I was scared. I couldn’t move. I was just frozen at the door with this boy staring right at, or into, me. As I slowly opened the door, my wife shouted at me “what are you doing?” That broke the spell enough for me, and I quickly slammed the door shut. I looked out the door window, and the boy, and his companions on the sidewalk, were gone. I opened the door to see where they were, and they had vanished. They were not in our yard, on the sidewalk, in the street or in the park across the street.

This was very creepy, especially as I look back and realize that I seemed to be obeying the boy’s mental command to let him into the house. I don’t know what he would have done once inside, but I still have this sense of foreboding that I can’t seem to shake.

I looked online for black-eyed children and have come across sites claiming they don’t exist, that they are an urban legend. Websites like Snopes have debunked the black-eyed children.

Black-Eyed Children

I can tell you that they are not an urban legend. They are real, and my wife and I encountered them. We are both afraid, dreading the possibility that they will come back. Other sites contain reports of encounters with black-eyed children, and they seem similar to our encounter.

16 Terrifying Encounters With ‘The Black Eyed Kids’

Has anyone else had an encounter with the black-eyed children? Have they ever come back a few days or weeks later? What should we do if they do come back? Please post your experience and suggestions. We would appreciate any ideas and support from others who have met these terrifying black-eyed children.

UFOs and Pandemics


Among the failings of mainstream media and science during this coronavirus crisis, one stands out above the rest.  The real origin of this pandemic, like that of earlier ones, has not even been mentioned.  Considering that many past plagues and pandemics had this trait in common, the failure of media and science to discuss it is reprehensible and dangerous.

Throughout history, there have been sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects at or near the epicenter of plagues and pandemics.  That is as true of the current coronavirus pandemic as some of the most famous historical ones.  At the very start of the coronavirus outbreak UFOs were recorded over Wuhan, China.  Here is one such example:

There is also coverage of a UFO over London as the pandemic spread there:

There are representations of UFOs during plagues throughout history.


During the Justinian Plague of 542-544, there were numerous reports of objects preceding the arrival of the plague throughout the Byzantine Empire.

The first great plague pandemic to be reliably reported occurred during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian I in the 6th century ce. According to the historian Procopius and others, the outbreak began in Egypt and moved along maritime trade routes, striking Constantinople in 542. There it killed residents by the tens of thousands, the dead falling so quickly that authorities had trouble disposing of them. Judging by descriptions of the symptoms and mode of transmission of the disease, it is likely that all forms of plague were present. Over the next half-century, the pandemic spread westward to port cities of the Mediterranean and eastward into Persia. Christian writers such as John of Ephesus ascribed the plague to the wrath of God against a sinful world, but modern researchers conclude that it was spread by domestic rats, which traveled in seagoing vessels and proliferated in the crowded, unhygienic cities of the era.

During the Black Death in Europe, 1346-1350, during which nearly half (or more) the people in Europe died there were countless reports of UFOs preceding the arrival of the plague or monitoring its progress from above.  This was so common that there are a number of medieval paintings which depict UFOs during the Plague.

And from 1350

UFO reports were also common during pandemics of the Renaissance and early modern eras, as were depictions of them:

During both the mysterious Sweating Sickness of the mid-16th century, and the Great London Plague a century later UFOs were reported.

Great London Plague 1665

In all of these events, and more UFOs were reported in and around the pandemic locations.  Why won’t the government and scientists admit this fact?  This is not to say that UFOs or aliens caused this pandemic, only that they were near the site of pandemics many times in history.  Did they cause them, or were they merely observing?